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Vakker Australia is a team of qualified house painters from Sydney, who specialise in many renovations works. Thy offer a number of cleaning services, for example graffiti removal or driveway washing with a professional high-pressure pump. They also install the wallpaper, lay special effects on walls, apply waterproofing solutions and acra-tex texture coatings. Each commission they take on is carefully planned and discussed with the client, to make sure the final project meets his expectations and needs.

Dedicated house painters - Sydney

The company typically works on residential buildings - apartments and houses, but also offers its assistance to strata properties owners. They can take care of the exterior or the interior, carefully coating the surfaces with a chosen product. They use professional and innovative tools to reduce the time needed for the completion of the project. These house painters work in Sydney, but also in its many suburbs, always striving to create long-lasting solutions. Cleints can get in touch with them via a phone or an e-mail.

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