Polarized 3D Glasses

If you look for an original tool to help you in your promotional campaign, we introduce to you our unique decoder glasses. Now you can transform your online or printed promotion into a fascinating hide-and-seek game, in which your message will be decoded thanks to red/red (or any other colour) lenses. Customers will appreciate your creativity and modernity for sure. The glasses are produced with Pantone or CMYK full-colour print and fully personalized, so that you can be certain of their quality and uniqueness.

3D Glasses from Best Promotional

Best Promotional produces, for instance, plastic and paper polarized 3D glasses. They make it possible to see an illusion of a 3-dimensional picture thanks to the lenses that adequately limit the light which reaches every eye. Then, as two images are projected on the screen, the filters accumulate them in one vision. Thanks to this technology, you can make a 3D presentation of your offer to potential customers. They will surely be stunned with such an innovative advertisement. More on: http://3d-glasses.co.uk/

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