CD, DVD and Blu-Ray discs production

CD manufacturing is a service which still is quite popular, especially amongst musicians, film makers and photographers. They still use this medium to distribute their products to clients and fans, therefore the need for someone to replicate or duplicate the data is pretty high. Printmasta makes sure to prepare the chosen number of pieces at a truly affordable price and using the best methods. Moreover, they also specialise in DVD, Blu-ray and CD packaging, which includes a variety of options to choose from.

CD packaging - Many alternatives

A visually pleasing CD packaging has a big influence on the reception of the disc. The potential clients may decide to buy a chosen art just for the way it looks. This is why it is so important to take care of not only choosing the right graphic, but also the type of a box. Printmasta offers many options to choose from including wallets and sleeves made of cardboard, but also incredibly popular digipacks and jewel cases with carefully printed inlays. Thanks to a wide range of types of CD packaging, each client will be able to find one which fits his needs the most.

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