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Baroo Software is a team of professional programming specialists, who are really passionate about their job. They are good at critical thinking and they always work flexibly, so that all the clients' needs and requirements could be met. What is more, open communication is truly important to them, because they understand that only in this way the cooperation can go well. They are fluent at English, so there is no language barrier between them and international customers, what makes them able to cooperate with clients all around the world.

JAVA outsourcing

One of the services provided by Baroo Software is Java outsourcing. They employ talented and skilful developers who are able to create various projects. They can program in diverse languages, such as Groovy, Java/JavaEE or Python. What is more, they use modern tools that help them to organize their work properly, so they are highly effective. It is not a problem for them to use such databases, as My SQL, Redis, MongoDB or Orcale. They create a dedicated team who considers their client's full content of their highest priority.

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Offer: Java Outsourcing

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